QPA Assessment 


QPA Assessment 

Do you think you have what it takes? Can you successfully pass all the tests?

QPA assessment was created and designed to give players a better opportunity to showcase themselves. We make sure all players undertake a series of tests where they can show potential and skill in different aspects of the game. It's important that a player can give us an insight into the attributes they hold and we don't feel making a player turn up and just play a game is enough.

We have seen too many times very good players getting overlooked because they either didn't get the service they required or maybe was a bit nervous, The idea is through the different tests and games at the end we are better equipped to make decisions on players.


Fitness Test 

One of the first thing you will have to do at the Assessment is pass the Bleep Test. The Pass mark is Level 14. This is the minimum requirement to be able to be sent on to trials. If you want more information on how to get fit visit our QPA Shop.


Speed and Agility

You will be doing a 4minute circuit which will include:
- Speed Ladder Drills
- One touch reaction
- 4 Corner Agility 
- Speed Poles 
- Lateral Speed and more!

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Anaerobic Repeated Sprints 

PA focuses on a player's ability to do repeated sprints with a short recovery rate. This allows us to see who can continuously sprint with intensity and speed over the course of the game. 

10m sprints with a 6 second recovery time.

50m sprints with a 10 second recovery time.


QPA Assessment 


Possession and Technical Work 

Our possession station requires players to show composure under pressure. One touch and two touch football. Basics.

We are looking to see who can showcase intelligence, game understanding and management. Remember the ball moves faster than anyone else on the pitch!


11 aside Game

QPA will end the assessment with a 11 a side game. This is so we can assess players in their natural positions in more detail.

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Once the QPA assessment terminates, the coaches on the day will go away, sit down and discuss how players did on the day. A full report will be done and sent to each individual player within 72 hours.

There will be three outcomes from this:

1) We represent you

2) Help you find a new club or

3) Work with players in their areas of focus by creating a detailed plan of action for them to work.


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QPA Assessment June 2022


AGES 15 YRS - 28 YRS.