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The Diamond in the Rough mentoring programme is one of its kind. This Bespoke program is designed to develop, cultivate and produce leaders in our generation. QPA have carefully created a programme based on this generation's current mental and character issues they face on a day to day basis. We believe every kid is a diamond in their own right.

Scheme of Work
The focus of the character building program would be for the whole academic year. We have topics based on terms of the school year which focuses on
different aspects of character building from Identity, Who am I and many more.

Assessing Students
QPA assesses students in 9 traits  We believe these
areas are the most important to develop over the course of the programme:
Emotions, Attention, Perception, Language,  Decision Making-

Problem Solving, Planning, Reasoning and Memory. 

Multiple Choice Termly Assessment 
Every term the student will have a self assessment sheet which will include
yes or no answers. Again there is no right or wrong in these assessments. The key
is for us to see if the student sees where they are within their development
and lastly where our staff see their current progress and stage of development.

Teacher and Student

Key child development with targets along with PDP.

Get in Touch
Art Fun

Small group work up to 4 students and also class room work for a class.

Get in Touch
Elementary Classroom

Year 6 Transitions

Preparing year 6 students for life in secondary schools with useful tips and arranged week trips to schools.

Chalkboard Drawings

Character Building and Dare to Dream Work shop

We are able to visit schools and education sectors to provide a workshop for teachers in how to follow the scheme of work and deliver this effectively.


Need more information?

We have flexible plans which will suit different educational sectors.

For more information in regards to diamond in the rough please give us a call or email.

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