Diamond in the Rough

QPA offers a bespoke mentoring program created to build character and mental strengths in today's generation of youth.

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Our community project is very simple.

We want to change a generation, for good.

Since 2019, QPA have been engaged in community work by working with charities, educational institutions, communities and awareness events. Our history and culture is steeped in bringing the best out of our local area


Football Foundation

We have received funding from the Football Foundation for our community programme to be used towards setting up a grassroots team in the community of London because we believe everyone deserves a fair opportunity.


Awareness of Mental Health

In April 2021 we took part in a mental health awareness event powered by PowerLeague, Calmzone and Street Soccer London. Paul Merson, Arsenal Legend, was present on the day endorsing the event in which QPA are very much in support of.


XLP Charity Events - 2020 & 2022

We have partnered with the XLP charity, hosting showcase events for their young players and providing another stepping stone to success.


32 Boro Cup 2021

QPA was proud to represent one of the boroughs at the 32 Borough Cup. This prestigious tournament is in place to help tackle crime and to engage young people from different areas through football.

The aim is also to engage these young people with large corporate companies like, Barclays, Selfridges and Netflix to provide internship opportunities for our young people.