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Mission Statement 

Quadrant Performance D.N.A Academy, formed in 2018, is run by Tiago Mendes who co-founded with Kishan Prince. Both founders came from a football and community outreach background with their core goal of creating a better platform for present and future generations. 

Tiago currently heads up QPA as it's CEO and has grown the company to incorporate various facets of the footballing world including football academy, sports management and mentoring programmes.

In August 2021 we hired a brand-new Academy management team to head up the football academy operations here at QPA. This department is lead by Nelson Alves a young yet highly experienced coach with experience in amateur and semi-professional environments. With him he is being assisted by Gonçalo Carvalho (Academy Assistant Manager) and Kahmi Augustus (Academy Fitness Coach.)

In January 2021 we officially opened our Community Interest Company ("CIC") where we wanted to focus on impacting communities across London then branching off around UK's deprived areas. Nelson heads up this department as CIC Director in conjunction with his Academy Manager duties.

In April 2022, Joseph El-Helou was also promoted to Technical Director within QPA, heading up the Sports Management division. Through his deep connections in the footballing world, Joseph is an excellent asset to the team and our crop of players



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