16-18 Academy

At QPA it's important to take a holistic approach to player development. This means helping our players to develop as people, not just athletes, accounting for their psychological and emotional needs as well as their levels of skill and physical adeptness. 

The Four Corner Model facilitates this process by breaking down player development and session design into four key categories:

  • Technical and tactical - Football is not just played on grass, but in the mind as well. At QPA we develop children’s game intelligence, knowing that creating footballing thinkers is every bit as important as having a player who can perform 100 drag backs perfectly.

  • Psychological - QPAworks on a player's drive to work hard for others on and off the pitch whilst exploring leadership skills and styles from the players. Learn how to take and give criticism in a more constructive way.

  • Physical - We work hard on improving players' physical well-being as it can lead to massive improvements across the other corners.12 areas make up the physical corner, including speed, agility, balance, power, endurance, strength and reaction time. By developing 12 areas of physical capability, children become healthier and that in turn makes them happier in their general lives.
    The happier a child is, the easier it is to improve their social skills.

  • Social - The social corner focuses on areas like teamwork, communication, reaction to failure, concentration, composure and leadership. Not only are these skills important in football, but they also transfer to everyday life.

The FA 4 corner long-term player development model is designed to promote well-rounded coaching, whereby no single aspect of a player’s development is over-emphasized or neglected. 



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