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A Different Take to Mentoring

Learn more about our programme "Diamond in the Rough" and where we are successfully implementing this

Black Prince Trust

As part of funding received from various organizations, we are running 1 hour of mentoring every Tuesday along with 1 hour of football.

We aim to strike a balance between developing players physically, as well as psychologically, also ensuring they are able to learn and build-on key life skills to take with them to the real world.

We have reached over 105 individual players, providing them a free meal with every mentoring session.

Our offering is expanding to other days, and in conjunction with Black Prince Trust have also begun sessions on Mondays (4-6pm) for young people aged 8-12. In 3 weeks, we have already reached around 30 young people.

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Church Manor

In partnership with Fresh Vision and Southern Housing (then Optivo), in 2023 we delivered weekly mentoring sessions for the local residents of Church Manor. This 30minute group session takes place after 1 hour of multi-sports where we look to build a lasting relationship with our participants. 

In a laid-back environment, we are better able to delve deeper in to the lives of our participants and offer them a reassuring place to develop mentally, emotionally and socially.

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Work With Us

We are proud of the work and successes we have achieved in our current projects and are always on the lookout for any organizations who want to partner with us to run these sessions.

We have all the required safeguarding information at hand and can work within schools, community hubs, clubs and more.

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Mentoring: Projects
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